Sherris Timeless Beauty Avon ISR loves that Avon pays close attention to what people want. Avon has stayed up to date with their color palettes. They are keeping up with our needs for healthier Avon cosmetics and skincare.  Avon offers advanced formulas that harness the power of proven anti-aging ingredients.  Avon also carries trendy and beautiful, Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes and much more! 

Avon’s efforts to eradicate breast cancer and end domestic and gender violence worldwide have helped move these issues into the public dialogue. Since 1992, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has been working to prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate breast cancer. And in 2004, the Avon Foundation for Women launched the Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program. Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women have contributed more than $60 million globally to support these goals, which includes more than $40 million dedicated to U.S. programs.


Avon has been empowering women for 130 years. As you know many things are changing at Avon. One thing that will never change is their commitment to our Customers as well as our Representatives. They understand that Customers and Representative are the heart of their success!

Avon has allowed me to grow my business, Sherri’s Timeless Beauty Avon ISR and still have time for my family. I work hard to grow my business but, I work it around my family. I have a great husband and four wonderful children as well as one adorable grandson.  My business allows me the time to be the Treasurer for our youngest son’s school. I am able to volunteer for his field trips and I am available at a drop of the hat when needed. I would not be allowed these luxuries if I worked a traditional 40 hour a week job.